Happy Spring!


Spring has sprung and Greenher Landscaping is back at it!  Contact us for help with cleanup or design in your yard!


Change of Services Update


After a first wonderful year, Greenher Landscaping and Lawn will be removing the “and Lawn” portion from our name.

For many reasons, we will move into 2018 with a sharp focus on landscape design and cleanup projects.  We will no longer be providing lawncare services and are happy to provide our clients with suggestions for a new mowing service.

Thank you to all our supporters for a successful and amazing first year in business.  We learned so many valuable lessons and look forward to a great year in 2018!




Hey Friends of Greenher, we’d like to introduce you to Kaitlyn – our new apprentice! Well, she’s not exactly new; Kaitlyn has been mowing/working alongside me for a month. She is a recent high school graduate and is passionate about marching band, her family, and getting dirty. We are so glad to have Kaitlyn on our Greenher team!

With Gratitude

Friends of Greenher,

We are looking for more residences and businesses in Elizabethton/JC who are looking for help getting their property looking beautiful! We provide excellent services in landscaping, cleanup, and mowing. Please refer us or share this post!  Thank you!

We are Hiring!


Friends of Greenher:

We are currently seeking a part-time employee to help us with our workload!  In keeping with our mission, we are looking for a woman whose financial needs are unmet.  Ideally, this individual would be interested in learning the trade and have potential to be an apprentice, capable of eventually leading a crew as our business expands.

Do you know of a woman in East TN who needs employment, is hardworking, enjoys outdoor labor, and doesn’t mind getting sweaty and dirty?  If so, please have this individual contact us!

Starting pay is well over minimum wage, with the opportunity for rapid raises for a good worker.  Depending on location, we might be able to help with transportation.

Thank you friends!

Mulch Love


Mulch is an essential for every yard!  Not only does it create a clean, manicured appearance in your beds, but it also insulates and protects your perennial plants from winter cold!  Additionally, it decreases the likelihood of unwanted growth sprouting up, while eliminating the arduous chore of weeding.

Greenher mulched a huge yard last week.  It took 2 full days and multiple sets of arms to distribute the dump truck load of mulch and we are super proud of the results!

Our clients chose a dye-free, double-ground hardwood mulch and we got them the best price from a local source which is attentive to environmental concerns – a win-win!

I like to mulch my beds in early winter, to protect my perennials from cold weather damage, but spring is also a good time to mulch – while your plants are still waking up from winter dormancy.  Mulching in the spring and early summer ensures a clean look for the entirety of the growing season.

We recommend mulch for any yard and can help you chose your mulch type and provide the labor!  Contact us for an estimate!

Greenher: Our Core Values

Why do we do what we do at Greenher Landscape and Lawn?  We would like to introduce you to our core values: Beauty, Opportunity, Labor, and Community.


We are a unique business.  As you know, we do provide services that you need in your yard, but our other primary purpose is to provide meaningful employment for women.  Within our work, we hold our core values at the forefront.

We believe that a beautiful yard enhances the quality of our lives.  Whether it’s a well-maintained lawn or colorful seasonal landscaping, we appreciate the value that outdoor spaces add to our communities.

We believe that women can enjoy this work, too!  In this field, it is typically men who provide the services we offer. Greenher Landscape and Lawn challenges the notion that only men can do this type of labor.  We exist to provide women the opportunity to learn new skills and identify a passion in cultivating beauty.

Additionally, Greenher exists to empower women to earn wages that enable them to provide for themselves and their families.  By connecting with local organizations who assist unemployed women, we are teaching new skills while providing income.

On the job, we will be learning together: proficiency in basic yard care and equipment maintenance, planning of landscapes, implementation of design, and more!

We believe that hard work is rewarding!  It is our experience that working outside is meaningful, valuable, and healthy.  Creating and maintaining beauty IS hard work – sweaty and dirty and exhausting.  It requires us to be physically capable and mentally attentive.  We sleep well and peacefully at night, because physical labor is good for us and being outside provides many benefits to our health.

The work of making our communities beautiful is particularly rewarding.  Think of your own neighborhood or your drive to work.  We get to enjoy our neighbors’ yards as we go by and appreciate the flowers blooming in a landscaped area.  Sometimes we don’t think about the work which established a lovely garden.  Landscapers are the artists who envision and create this beauty!

We want to share this experience with other women, who otherwise may not have the opportunity to engage with this field of employment.

We believe that attention to beauty in our outside spaces is beneficial to our entire community.  A beautiful yard will bring your neighbors outside and together.  We can also help create landscaped areas which are particularly appealing to your children (ex. butterfly gardens).

Greenher Landscape and Lawn wants to help you create beauty in your yard.  If you use our services, you are also helping our community!  Join us!

Spring is Here!


Dare I say it? Spring has sprung! We will probably have several more heavy frosts before it’s safe to plant new growth, but Greenher is here to help you make plans for your spring/summer/fall color. These lovely, delicate crocus are a great no-maintenance option for the first color of the season!

We are also gearing up for mowing season – message us for more information!