Mulch Love


Mulch is an essential for every yard!  Not only does it create a clean, manicured appearance in your beds, but it also insulates and protects your perennial plants from winter cold!  Additionally, it decreases the likelihood of unwanted growth sprouting up, while eliminating the arduous chore of weeding.

Greenher mulched a huge yard last week.  It took 2 full days and multiple sets of arms to distribute the dump truck load of mulch and we are super proud of the results!

Our clients chose a dye-free, double-ground hardwood mulch and we got them the best price from a local source which is attentive to environmental concerns – a win-win!

I like to mulch my beds in early winter, to protect my perennials from cold weather damage, but spring is also a good time to mulch – while your plants are still waking up from winter dormancy.  Mulching in the spring and early summer ensures a clean look for the entirety of the growing season.

We recommend mulch for any yard and can help you chose your mulch type and provide the labor!  Contact us for an estimate!


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